Part 5: Integrating Spring Security with Spring Boot Web

Spring Boot provides utilities for quick and easy setup of Spring Security via auto-configuration and Java-based configuration. The getting started guide is quick and easy leads through configuring an in-memory AuthenticationManager in just minutes. Going beyond these examples, this installation will quickly review the getting started guide provided at, and conclude with the configuration […]

Part 4: Internationalization in Spring Boot

One of the many features provided by Spring Boot’s automatic configuration is a ResourceBundleMessageSource. This is the foundation of the support for internationalization provided by Spring as part of Spring Boot. However, resolving the user’s current locale, and being able to switch locales on demand is a little trickier, and is something that I had […]

Part 3: Form Binding

Welcome back. Now that we have Thymeleaf view templates rendering in our Spring Boot test app, the next logical topic is learning how to bind java objects to forms in these views for processing. In this installment, we’ll cover binding a simple object to a form and then take a step deeper and bind an […]