On resolutions…

2013 came and went, and I definitely did not get around to learning much of what I planned to learn/write about.  I still have the books, and they’re electronic, so they’re not collecting dust, but instead of continuing to dig into new languages and frameworks for the JVM, I spent much of 2013 learning new technology based on client demand.  Not bad things, just unexpected.  I sharpened my javascript skills, and spent a few months in the .NET world. (pro tip – INSTALL ReSharper ON THE FIRST DAY)

This year I’d like to get through that Play/Scala exploration and check out the Reactor (the asynchronous app toolkit by the Spring team).

When will I stop thinking that putting it in writing will be motivation enough to actually do this stuff?

I resolve

* Finish reading The Rspec Book
* Get back into Grails, learn the new features of GORM and checkout plugins that have been created/updated since Grails 1.3 first came out
* Get back to basics and re-visit some old textbooks on algorithms
* Learn some new testing frameworks (spock, mockito, etc)
* Write a post defending mocking with anonymous inner classes in java
* Finally write my show tracker app – this time in Rails

The real question is whether or not making this public will help these get done.