Part 5: Integrating Spring Security with Spring Boot Web

Spring Boot provides utilities for quick and easy setup of Spring Security via auto-configuration and Java-based configuration. The getting started guide is quick and easy leads through configuring an in-memory AuthenticationManager in just minutes. Going beyond these examples, this installation will quickly review the getting started guide provided at, and conclude with the configuration […]

Part 3: Form Binding

Welcome back. Now that we have Thymeleaf view templates rendering in our Spring Boot test app, the next logical topic is learning how to bind java objects to forms in these views for processing. In this installment, we’ll cover binding a simple object to a form and then take a step deeper and bind an […]

Beyond The Examples

In the last several years, rapid web application frameworks have been most developers first choice when starting a new project. Rails and Grails have taken the concept of convention of configuration to extremes, eliminating boilerplate code, and allowing developers to create web applications more quickly than ever. The latest incarnation of Spring and its related […]

Tips For The ExtJS Beginner

If you haven’t already, learn more about Javascript before you start I wrote a decent amount of Javascript before I started using ExtJS. I’ve used Prototype, jQuery, & Dojo, but I’ve never written as much Javascript as I have on this project, and I’ve never unit tested any Javascript I’ve written until now. The learning […]

Discovering ievms For Testing With IE

I know it, you know it. We don’t like to talk about it. The app is slow in IE. We need to support a particular version of IE. The app doesn’t function properly in IE. Who checked in the trailing comma? You’re developing in OSX, and you need to test your app using IE. While […]

Book Report: JavaScript Patterns

Before picking up what I actually had on my list to learn this year, and finding myself writing more JavaScript than ever at my current client, I thought it would be wise to take a deep dive into the language, it’s lesser-known features, and it’s best practices. I knew a fair amount, but I was […]