SpringOne2GX, Day 3 Recap

Two great demos in the morning regarding Gradle, by it’s author, Hans Docktor. Gradle is something I’d heard about frequently, but never bothered to look into thinking that I didn’t need to learn another way to build until it was necessary. Combining the declarative nature of a DSL with the scripting capabilities of Groovy, Gradle […]

SpringOne2GX, Day 1 Recap

It was an interesting day today at SpringOne2GX. There were many interesting presentations – here’s some thoughts on the 5 I attended today: Guillaume Laforge’s talk on Gaelyk first thing in the morning was very interesting. I’ve been casually following the Gaelyk project for a while and was happy to hear more about it from […]

Just call me Casey Jones

I’ve recently found myself involved in some RoR work. It took a bit to take my java blinders off, but since they’ve been off, the work has been great. With past Grails experience in mind, here are a few first observations after a couple of weeks of being a Rails dev under my belt. I […]

I hope this keeps happening.

Now that my first Groovy/Grails project has wrapped up, I thought I’d share some things I learned. I am a big fan of the framework, which is a somewhat biased opinion, mostly given my background as a java developer. Things that I already knew and appreciated were made easier to use. That’s usually a good […]

Protecting Parameters in Groovy/Grails

Section 11.2 of the Grails Framework Reference Docs talks about how to protect parameters in a Groovy/Grails app. On my current project, on public facing pages, we’ve been obscuring ids using the base64 codec that comes with grails. Here is a quick example: Obscure ids and keep those urls hard to guess!

Shiro/Grails Tips

The Shiro plugin page in the Grails plugin repository has great information. Here are a couple of additional items I picked up during an implementation on my current project: 1. Filter every action except ‘x’ on a given controller In this case, we’re taking advantage of common properties in grails. Basically, we’re filtering actions on […]

Strange Days, Indeed

On my current project, I was adding a closure to a taglib that displayed a link conditionally, based on the current logged-in user’s role. The taglib is referenced on every page of the application, as it is included in the main Sitemesh layout. For the purpose of this example, a user cannot have both of […]

Simple Grails Zip Code Custom Validator

My next post was going to be as verbose as the last, and on an equally obscure topic. Instead of two boring posts in a row, I give you this. It’s simple, but it’s useful: For the Regex-challenged (which I am), it’s basically saying 5 digits, a dash, followed by 4 digits OR 5 digits […]

Pdf Generation Using Jasper In A Grails App

The jasper reporting engine provides a free, open source tool for report generation in java. It can produce reports in a variety of formats, including pdf, which makes it very handy in creating all types of data filled documents. Suppose you had a report you just finished constructing and wanted to integrate with your latest […]