Building an ASP.NET Core Starter App on MacOS (Automated Testing)

In the previous post, we completed our initial configuration of the Identity configuration, and added basic authentication and authorization to the example application.  Like our previous posts, source code (with better formatting!) for this post can be found at  There will be revision for all of the changes mentioned in this post.  In this post, we’ll cover […]

Building an ASP.NET Core Starter App on MacOS (Getting Started)

In this post, I’ll cover how I got started, first installing the prerequisites and then workarounds I used while following Microsoft documentation.  At the conclusion of this post, you’ll have achieved the same outcome as this Microsoft “Getting Started” tutorial (, but without having to deal with some of the shortcomings common in tutorials, such […]

Discovering ievms For Testing With IE

I know it, you know it. We don’t like to talk about it. The app is slow in IE. We need to support a particular version of IE. The app doesn’t function properly in IE. Who checked in the trailing comma? You’re developing in OSX, and you need to test your app using IE. While […]