SpringOne2GX, Day 2 Recap

Another good day at SpringOne. The first session of the day was with Burt Beckwith going over the Spring Security plugin(s) for Grails. The last Grails work I did was with the Shiro/JSecurity plugin, which worked well, but I’ve always been interested in the extended feature set of Spring Security and it’s extensions. I thought […]

SpringOne2GX, Day 1 Recap

It was an interesting day today at SpringOne2GX. There were many interesting presentations – here’s some thoughts on the 5 I attended today: Guillaume Laforge’s talk on Gaelyk first thing in the morning was very interesting. I’ve been casually following the Gaelyk project for a while and was happy to hear more about it from […]

Find the Grails in Spring MVC

As I mentioned earlier, I recently moved back to the Java world after a brief and enjoyable foray into Groovy & Grails. After a few minutes of becoming reacquainted with Spring MVC, I found myself wanting to make my Spring MVC app behave more like a Grails app. I’m lazy, what can I say? The […]