I resolve, version 2.0

2011 is gone and with new year comes new resolutions. Some of last year’s resolutions got resolved, others fell to the wayside, and now I’ve come to write down a few more. I never got back into grails – although I still feel like I want to. That one stays on the list! Revisited some […]

Size doesn’t matter (or work, apparently)

Here’s a quick one. Recently when doing some Rails work, I was using FormHelper to add a text area to an erb and couldn’t seem to get the size param to work. The Rails API docs clearly mention the use of the ‘:size’ param or the ‘:rows’ and ‘:columns’ params being acceptable. For what it’s […]

Getting my spec on

Although I still consider myself a rookie in the RoR world, I recently made my way through the Rspec book, and came out of the experience with some new skills to sharpen. On an internal project at Redpoint, we’re again using CanCan for authorization and Authlogic for authentication. My first task after getting involved a […]

Makes life easier. Is good.

Some resources to get started using some handy tools for ruby/rails development RVM is awesome. Manage the version of ruby you’re using and the gems for each version and/or project with ease. Super handy. All the pain of changing ruby versions on the mac is eliminated. Get your BDD on with Rspec, and then automate […]

It makes sense now!

I just got through a few days of using jdpace’s PDFKit gem for rails. It is a very straightforward PDF generation tool for Rails which uses the wkhtmltopdf tool to generate PDF documents from HTML and CSS3. After watching the great-as-usual Railscast on the topic, there were just a couple of missing pieces that I […]

Just call me Casey Jones

I’ve recently found myself involved in some RoR work. It took a bit to take my java blinders off, but since they’ve been off, the work has been great. With past Grails experience in mind, here are a few first observations after a couple of weeks of being a Rails dev under my belt. I […]