Getting Started with Docker on Azure

Intro & Prereqs We’re seeing a pretty significant uptick in the use of Azure as the cloud provider of choice among clients. As organizations move to hybrid and/or multi-provider clouds, Docker plays a key role in abstracting underlying platform configuration details away from implementations, allowing developers to build consistently-functioning solutions that can be tested and […]

Getting Started With Ionic & NgCordova

In my most recent engagement, I’ve been working on a hybrid mobile app built using Ionic and ngCordova. Functionality-wise, the app itself is fairly straightforward, but since this is my first project that directly targets mobile devices (as opposed to responsive web), I’ve learned a few things that I think are worth sharing. Like most […]

Upcoming in 2015

Over the course of the last 3 months, I’ve been involved in a hybrid mobile project using the Ionic framework and Node.js, which has allowed me to apply prior knowledge and learn more about AngularJS, latest-generation javascript features, Yeoman, Bower, Grunt, Crashlytics, and Apache Cordova. I’ve also been spending time learning how to interact with […]

As a reviewer…

One of the other things I spent time on last year was acting as a reviewer for a book that was recently published by Packt Publishing. I was approached by Packt early in the summer to volunteer to help review a work in progress called Enterprise Application Development with Spring and ExtJs. I was skeptical […]

On resolutions…

2013 came and went, and I definitely did not get around to learning much of what I planned to learn/write about.  I still have the books, and they’re electronic, so they’re not collecting dust, but instead of continuing to dig into new languages and frameworks for the JVM, I spent much of 2013 learning new […]

Tips For The ExtJS Beginner

If you haven’t already, learn more about Javascript before you start I wrote a decent amount of Javascript before I started using ExtJS. I’ve used Prototype, jQuery, & Dojo, but I’ve never written as much Javascript as I have on this project, and I’ve never unit tested any Javascript I’ve written until now. The learning […]

Book Report: JavaScript Patterns

Before picking up what I actually had on my list to learn this year, and finding myself writing more JavaScript than ever at my current client, I thought it would be wise to take a deep dive into the language, it’s lesser-known features, and it’s best practices. I knew a fair amount, but I was […]