I resolve, version 2.0

2011 is gone and with new year comes new resolutions. Some of last year’s resolutions got resolved, others fell to the wayside, and now I’ve come to write down a few more. I never got back into grails – although I still feel like I want to. That one stays on the list! Revisited some […]

SpringOne2GX, Day 3 Recap

Two great demos in the morning regarding Gradle, by it’s author, Hans Docktor. Gradle is something I’d heard about frequently, but never bothered to look into thinking that I didn’t need to learn another way to build until it was necessary. Combining the declarative nature of a DSL with the scripting capabilities of Groovy, Gradle […]

SpringOne2GX, Day 2 Recap

Another good day at SpringOne. The first session of the day was with Burt Beckwith going over the Spring Security plugin(s) for Grails. The last Grails work I did was with the Shiro/JSecurity plugin, which worked well, but I’ve always been interested in the extended feature set of Spring Security and it’s extensions. I thought […]

SpringOne2GX, Day 1 Recap

It was an interesting day today at SpringOne2GX. There were many interesting presentations – here’s some thoughts on the 5 I attended today: Guillaume Laforge’s talk on Gaelyk first thing in the morning was very interesting. I’ve been casually following the Gaelyk project for a while and was happy to hear more about it from […]

Just call me Casey Jones

I’ve recently found myself involved in some RoR work. It took a bit to take my java blinders off, but since they’ve been off, the work has been great. With past Grails experience in mind, here are a few first observations after a couple of weeks of being a Rails dev under my belt. I […]

Find the Grails in Spring MVC

As I mentioned earlier, I recently moved back to the Java world after a brief and enjoyable foray into Groovy & Grails. After a few minutes of becoming reacquainted with Spring MVC, I found myself wanting to make my Spring MVC app behave more like a Grails app. I’m lazy, what can I say? The […]

I hope this keeps happening.

Now that my first Groovy/Grails project has wrapped up, I thought I’d share some things I learned. I am a big fan of the framework, which is a somewhat biased opinion, mostly given my background as a java developer. Things that I already knew and appreciated were made easier to use. That’s usually a good […]

Protecting Parameters in Groovy/Grails

Section 11.2 of the Grails Framework Reference Docs talks about how to protect parameters in a Groovy/Grails app. On my current project, on public facing pages, we’ve been obscuring ids using the base64 codec that comes with grails. Here is a quick example: Obscure ids and keep those urls hard to guess!

Shiro/Grails Tips

The Shiro plugin page in the Grails plugin repository has great information. Here are a couple of additional items I picked up during an implementation on my current project: 1. Filter every action except ‘x’ on a given controller In this case, we’re taking advantage of common properties in grails. Basically, we’re filtering actions on […]