…on the virtues of numbers divisible by many other numbers (especially 960)

Many months ago, I came across an article about the 960 grid system. I excitedly read more about it thinking that it could help me modernize my page design skills relatively easy as well as provide a quick way to get prototype layouts up. I’m finally getting a chance to use it now while working on a site for a relative’s small business in my spare time. While it’s great to write the comprehensive, go-to post for quick reference on an emerging tool or technology, for the 960 grid system, it’s already been done.

I’ll link to it instead. From Six Revisions:

The 960 Grid System Made Easy

Between this article and the examples that come with the download on 960.gs – which includes templates in a whole slew of formats – you design-challenged back-end developers should be in luck. I certainly was.

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